Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Research 17(1): 127-131, doi: 10.3897/jbcr.e119983
Vacuum-assisted closure for treating chronic pelvic abscess following rectal stump leak after Hartmann’s procedure for low rectal cancer
expand article infoMeri Shoshkova, Martin Karamanliev
‡ University Hospital Georgi Stranski, Medical University - Pleven, Pleven, Bulgaria
Open Access
Rectal stump leak following Hartmann’s procedure resulting in an abscess formation is quite a rare complication. The size of the cavity, the healing process, neoadjuvant radiotherapy, and the patient’s overall condition may play a huge role in the stoma reversal rates, functional outcomes, and the patient’s quality of life. Moreover, it can lead to septic complications if not treated properly. We present a case of a 75-year-old male patient who underwent Hartmann’s procedure due to low rectal carcinoma. He presented one month after the procedure in our office with a fever and anal secretion. He was treated with three different types of antibiotics, drainage of the abscess cavity, and dressing twice a day of the wound with a povidone-iodine solution without success. Amputation of the rectal stump, debridement of the necrotic tissue, and VAC therapy resolved the symptoms and closed the perineal defect. VAC therapy may be used successfully for chronic pelvic inflammatory complications after Hartmann’s procedure.
rectal cancer, vacuum-assisted closure, Hartmann’s procedure