Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Research 17(1): 89-94, doi: 10.3897/jbcr.e127525
Ultrasound screening of thyroid pathology in primary medical care in Bulgaria
expand article infoAnabela Glavanova, Branimir Raduilov§, Tsvetelina Miteva, Mariela Kamburova, Ivan Polyakov§, Evgeni Mekov|
‡ Medical University – Pleven, Pleven, Bulgaria§ “My Doctor” Group Practice for Primary Medical Care MCC, Sofia, Bulgaria| Medical University – Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
Open Access
Thyroid diseases are common and, in most cases, can be safely and effectively detected and treated in primary medical care. This article aimed to analyze and evaluate the rate of thyroid ultrasonographic abnormalities in a primary medical care practice in Bulgaria. The research was conducted from 2016 to 2021. A random cohort of patients undergone annual preventive screening was included. Demographic information (age and sex) was collected. The descriptions of the ultrasonographic findings were standardized based on the following parameters: deviations in shape, size, position of the thyroid gland, deviations from normal parenchymal echogenicity (hyper-, hypo-, and heteroechogenic parenchyma), presence and size of detectable formations, and presence of calcifications. The total number of participants in this study was 3 178. Of these, 60% (1 907/3 178) were women and 40% (1 271/3 178) were men. The average age of participants was 40.1 ± 11.3 years, and there was no significant difference between the males and females. Deviations from normal ultrasonographic findings were observed in 36.2% (1 151/3 178), with a frequency increasing with age. Detectable formations were seen in 19.7% (625/3 178) of the patients, and those larger than 1 cm accounted for 4.4% (139/3 178) of all cases and 22.2% of all formations (139/625). Calcifications were found in 0.5% (15/3 163). Over 1/3 of the performed thyroid ultrasounds revealed abnormalities. Thyroid ultrasonographic abnormalities were significantly more common in women compared to men, and their frequency increased with age.
Primary medical care, thyroid gland, ultrasound